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Ramaphosa lauds Winnie Madikizela-Mandela for her dedication to the struggle

By John On:3 April 2018

President Ramaphosa has called on South Africans to draw inspiration from Winnie Madikizela-Mandela.

document 9593 President Cyril Ramaphosa has lauded the late Winnie Madikizela-Mandela for her contribution to the fight against apartheid. Madikizela-Mandela passed away on Monday afternoon at the age of 81, after a long illness that kept her in and out of hospital. In an official statement, Ramaphosa mentioned her dedication and selfless sacrifice which contributed to South Africa eventually enjoying democracy. {“Even at the darkest moments of our struggle for liberation, Mam’ Winnie was an abiding symbol of the desire of our people to be free,”} he said. {“In the midst of repression, she was a voice of defiance and resistance. “In the face of exploitation, she was a champion of justice and equality. “Throughout her life she made an everlasting contribution to the struggle through sacrifice and her unyielding determination. Her dedication to the plight of her people gained her the love and the respect of the nation.”} Madikizela-Mandela’s stance against the injustices of the apartheid state landed her in jail on a number of occasions, where she was tortured and eventually placed under house arrest in Brandfort in the former Orange Free State. Ramaphosa lauded her for remaining true to the struggle, despite the many hardships she faced. {“She remained throughout her life a tireless advocate for the dispossessed and the marginalised. She was a voice for the voiceless,”} he said. document 9594 Ramaphosa called on all to celebrate her life by reflecting on her life and drawing inspiration from her. {“Let us draw inspiration from the struggles that she fought and the dream of a better society to which she dedicated her life,”} he added. Ramaphosa also joined mourners outside Madikizela-Mandela’s home in Soweto, where he confirmed that she would receive a state funeral on Saturday, 14 April, with an official memorial service set to take place three days earlier. {{Jimirasire}}

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