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Ways Wrong Sex Can Cloud Your Judgement

By John On:26 September 2017

{{“It lies to you that you are in love”}} Many think that the relationship they are in is love. But in essence, it is just a bond of sex buddies using each other. Remove the sex and the two have nothing.

document 9440 {{“It can keep you from leaving a prison”}} Some are in pathetic relationships; they get beaten up, mistreated, insulted, abused. But they stay because the one who mistreats them also gives awesome sex. They don’t know how to say no. If sex allows you to put up with crap, then you are a sex slave with a low self esteem. {{“It makes you justify selling your body”}} When pleasure becomes a way to make money, you’ll tell yourself lies to justify that action and defend yourself before others. But slowly, you lose yourself to become an empty sex object. {{“It ruins your brilliance”}} If you use sex to get up the ladder of success, to open career doors, to get good grades, favors and promotions; you kill your reputation and potential. You’ll stop focussing on building yourself and prioritize on dressing and talking to seduce. What a waste! {{“It makes you an ally of the devil”}} The devil came to steal, kill and destroy. When you enjoy sex in an affair with someone taken/married, you’re stealing. When you have an affair yet you’re married/taken you destroy and kill the love you have for mere sex. {{“It lies to you that you are the boss”}} When you go around sleeping with people just to satisfy your ego or to feed your insecurities thinking in doing so you are the boss, high up there; in reality the boss is the demon that breaks hearts and is using you. Great people are responsible with what is between their legs. {{“It lies to you that all is well in your relationship/marriage”}} Some couples hide issues behind sex. Instead of solving issues they sweep them under the carpet and get busy in the sheets as a diversion. They think as long as they have hot sex things are OK. A love that goes through the same old drama covered up by make up sex is not healthy at all. {{Mwiza Tina}}

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