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3-day old baby rescued alive three days after being buried by his mum

By John On:21 April 2017

A baby boy was saved from death after he was pulled out of a shallow grave in the town of Paddock, KwaZulu-Natal Province, Eastern South Africa, where he was buried by his 25-year-old South African mother.

document 8549 The baby had reportedly been in the grave for three days and was discovered after factory staff heard a cry and decided to investigate. The baby’s mother, who works in a factory, made a makeshift grave using sand and timber taken from the factory. After the baby was found days later by her co-workers, the mother confessed that she buried him because she was upset that her parents will be angry with her for having a second child. document 8550 The District Police Officer, Captain Gerald Mfeka confirmed the incident to journalists, saying, “They searched and found him hidden underneath some timber, covered in sand. {“On hearing the commotion, the mother confessed that the child was hers. Her explanation was that she was afraid of her parents. “This was her second child, the elder one being four years old, and she felt her parents would not approve of another baby.”} {{Imirasire}}

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