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Will Smith transforms into Fresh Prince Of Bel Air co-star Uncle Phil – internet rejoices

By John On:15 March 2017

WILL Smith has done his best Uncle Phil impression and fans can't get enough.

document 8239 document 8234 The Hollywood actor recently indulged his daredevil side by bungee jumping off the iconic Victoria Falls Bridge in Zimbabwe. document 8236 Eager to share the once-in-a-lifetime experience with fans, Will wore a GoPro camera that captured every second of his 111 metre dive. Screaming excitedly into the camera as he dangled upside down, the 48-year-old said: "This is a cool shot. This is gonna be a really cool shot. "Watch how cool this shot is! This is crazy... " document 8237 LATE ACTOR: James Avery passed away in 2014 following complications from open heart surgery And it turns out Will was right — the shot was crazy and has since gone viral, but not for the reasons he was expecting. Eagle-eyed viewers were quick to notice that the legendary actor looked just like his on-screen relative Uncle Phil, played by late actor James Avery, from Fresh Prince Of Bel Air. document 8235 Noticing the uncanny similarities between the pair, fans were quick to take their reactions to social media. Points go to one Reddit user, who cleverly reworked the 90s TV show's iconic theme song. document 8238 SEEING DOUBLE: Will bore an uncanny resemblance to the Uncle Phil fans know and love. {{Jimirasire}}

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