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Woman marries HERSELF in weirdest ceremony ever

By John On:25 October 2016

A WOMAN who believes that everybody has a male and a female side has taken her argument to its logical conclusion by marrying herself.

document 7551 Crystal Ra Laksmi claims that her inner woman, called Crystal, married her inner man, named Ra after the Egyptian sun god, at the ceremony in her native Estonia. Ms Laksmi wore a beautiful wedding dress for the ceremony and gave herself a ring to confirm the union. She said: {"The fact that I connected my male and female sides makes me stronger. It makes me a real queen."} document 7553 The wedding was attended by 21 guests who apparently share Ms Laksmi’s views on life and philosophy. However, single person weddings are not recognised in Estonia, or any other country, so the ceremony was not legally binding. Ms Laksmi said she did not rule out the prospect of marrying a man in a more conventional wedding in the future. She said that marrying herself first would prove a perfect rehearsal for the real thing, if that ever happens. She is not the first woman to marry herself. Jennifer Huss, from Holland, did the same in 2003 when she turned 30, saying she had waited long enough for Mr Right. document 7554 Earlier this year, Sophie Tanner, 37, married herself at a ceremony in Brighton to hit back at the stigma of being single. And in 2015, Yasmin Eleby, from Houston, Texas, tied the knot solo after failing to find the man of her dreams before turning 40. {{Jimirasire}}

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