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Mass wedding celebration for DRC refugees in Burundi

By John On:18 October 2016

They have fled their homes and lost loved ones to conflict, but for 46 Congolese couples there is a reason to celebrate.Inside a wooden, tin-roofed structure in the Kavumu refugee camp in eastern Burundi, 46 couples are waiting to get married. They have all fled their homes in the neighbouring Democratic Republic of Congo. Some of them are already married but, having lost their wedding certificates when they left their homes, are going through the process again.But marriage can mean more than that for the refugees.

Abel Mbilinyi, the Burundi representative for the UNHCR, explains that marriage offers "protection for women". {"In a refugee camp, depending on which religion you are having, depending on culture, the protection of a husband is so important,"} he continues. {"Women who are single are vulnerable. They are vulnerable to being attacked by single men."} document 7479 document 7480 document 7481 document 7482 document 7483 document 7484 document 7485 document 7486 document 7487 document 7488 {{Jimirasire}}

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