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Girl Resurrects in Nigeria

By John On:12 October 2016

All hell was let loose as people who went to bury a young girl of about 15 years presumed to have died, suddenly woke up as she was about to be interred at the Warri Cemetery.

document 7382 The girl, suspected to be pregnant, allegedly took a concoction and went into deep sleep which made people to suspect she might have given up the ghost. When youths saw her completely Unclad and presumed that she had died, they wrapped her in a mat and headed for the cemetery. {“When we got to the cemetery, the workers there dug the grave for her burial. As the remains were laid into the grave and they were about covering it with sand, the deceased sneezed and jumped out of the grave and started shouting,”} said a witness. That was when pandemonium within and outside the cemetery broke out as scores of people thronged the cemetery to catch a glimpse of the ‘resurrected’ girl. The girl was immediately rushed to Christ Mercyland Deliverance Ministry, Effurun, near Warri for spiritual cleansing. Attempt by policemen near the cemetery to take the girl to the station was rebuffed by sympathisers who insisted that the matter did not concern the police. They said it was a spiritual issue. {{Jimirasire}}

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