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Cheating man ’grows BREASTS’ after neighbour ’puts curse on him’

By John On:7 August 2016

A CURSED Kenyan man was bewitched into growing BREASTS as punishment for sleeping with his neighbour's wife, it has been claimed.

document 6767 Married James Mutua, 39, was warned of grave consequences after having an affair with his neighbour's wife. The 39-year-old, from Nairobi, bedded the woman while working as a farm manager in rural Kenya, but was forced to quit his job when his wife found out and rumours about the fling started spreading. After returning to the Kenyan capital with his family, the cheat received a phone call from his former lover's husband, who ominously vowed to "teach him a lesson" for "crossing a red line". Since then, dad Mutua has been growing massive, sagging breasts resembling those of the woman he slept with, according to local media reports. document 6768 {“I have been living like this from 2015, and it all started after I slept with my neighbour’s wife back in the village where I was working,”} Mutua told The Nairobian. {“I felt a sensation around the chest and before long the breasts started developing and became big, forcing me to wear a bra and baggy jackets."} Mutua used to be a chef at a swanky hotel in Westlands, an affluent neighbourhood in the business district of Nairobi, Kenya, but was laid off in 2015. Unable to support his family, Mutua was forced to take a job as a farm manager in the countryside around six months ago. He told The Nairobian that he got close to his neighbour's wife while working on the farm. Speaking of the night the pair first hooked up, he said: "{“One night in mid-2015, I returned home around 10pm but while approaching I saw someone standing near the door. "Upon moving closer I realised it was her. “When I asked her what she was doing at night, she teased me, asking if I’m afraid of women. "We argued for a while before I allowed her in and she said she just wanted company.”} The pair were drinking until around midnight when Mutua claims the woman "started touching him". He added: {"Before long she told me that the husband was far away in Nairobi and she wanted to have sex with me”}. The pair continued to romp behind their partners' backs, but their love affair didn't remain a secret for long. When his wife and kids paid him an unexpected visit, he soon confessed his infidelity, and returned to Nairobi with his family — when he received the chilling call from his ex-lover's husband. document 6769 Now six months on astonishing photos showing Mutua's whooping breasts have emerged online. Mutua's sister, who did not wish to be named, said: {“It is true that someone bewitched him and he has confessed. "We just want to see him back to his life again by any means."} {{Jimirasire}}

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