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Museveni has Turned Kampala into Beirut, Says MP

By Muriisa Robert On:10 May 2016

Butambala county MP Hon. Muwanga Kivumbi says the biggest promise President Yoweri Museveni should make at Kololo while being sworn in is that he won’t lift the age limit.

document 6137{Military police quelling rioters in Kampala.} “Our presidency is couched in laws that give the holder a lot of absolute power. Term limits are gone. Hope age limit is not next.” Kivumbi noted that when Museveni was still Museveni and not the man in power, he said Africa’s biggest problem is the leaders who overstay. “President Museveni owes it to Uganda to ensure that he will not tamper with the age limit,” Kivumbi said while appearing on NBS TV on Monday. He noted that every election in the last five electoral cycles has been contested. “That’s a big scandal. When a leader who got 3.5 million votes [Kizza Besigye] says he doesn’t trust the courts, there is a problem.” Kivumbi said legally, the election is over but not legitimately.‪ “We have a regime that no longer enjoys the majority. President Museveni got 5 out of the 10 million people who voted.” The legislator observed that every roundabout has an armored vehicle and every significant person in Uganda’s opposition is under house arrest or out on bail. “Kampala is today like Beirut. Instead of signs of celebration ahead of Museveni swearing in, we have men armed with weapons of war.” {{BEIRUT.}} document 6138{Israeli forces shell west Beirut in August 1982.} {Beirut is the capital and largest city of Lebanon. The Siege of Beirut took place in the summer of 1982, as part of the 1982 Lebanon War, which resulted from the breakdown of the cease-fire affected by the United Nations. The siege ended with the Palestinian Liberation Organization being forced out of Beirut and Lebanon.} Kivumbi says over 35% of Ugandans, according to a recent poll, didn’t believe that Uganda is capable of a free and fair election. “We are having signs of a collapsing regime which is relying on imposition. This government is simply imposing itself on us.” He says national building is not limited to infrastructure but starts with building faith of Ugandans in Uganda. “The faith of Ugandans in Uganda is almost zero. It is not about infrastructure alone. Even Gaddafi built infrastructure!” {{By Robert Muriisa, InsiderUg}}

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