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PICTURES: Muhanga and Musanze Roads, Back to Normal

By Muriisa Robert On:10 May 2016

As we speak, the roads to Muhanga and Musanze have been reopened after they had been blocked earlier this week following heavy floods and landslides that claimed lives and destroyed properties.

document 6116{Some of the roads are back to normal though not so perfect as before.} “The Kigali-Musanze and Kigali-Muhanga roads reopened for traffic” the ministry for disaster management tweeted today. The Kigali-Muhanga road had been closed yesterday after heavy rains that led to the overflow of River Nyabarongo. {{However, a ban on heavy trucks remains.}} document 6117 Meanwhile, a statement from the ministry says the Government has started delivering relief aid to the families affected by the floods and landslides. “The relief operations are now underway in the districts of Gakenke, Muhanga, Rubavu and Ngororero, where floods and landslides destroyed homes and public infrastructure, including roads,” reads part of the statement. The ministry says it has availed basic support relief kits to families whose houses were destroyed by the disaster. The kits include bed covers, kitchen utensils and hygiene materials. Back to what happened over the weekend when River Nyabarongo over flooded due to heavy rains making all the roads impassable, properties destroyed and lives of people and animals lost. {{Pictures:}} document 6118{Some of the houses destroyed by heavy rains in Musanze District on Monday.} document 6119{A woman with her baby trying to cross to the other side, but risking.} document 6121document 6120{Some of the landslide victims were laid to rest on Tuesday.} document 6126{Plantations were destroyed by heavy rains, people cry of hunger.} document 6127document 6128{Most of the roads were seriously covered by runoffs.} document 6129{Some people trying to rescue others taken by landslides.} {Cars struggling to pass through most affected areas.} {Roads were seriously affected by landslides.} {{By Robert Muriisa.}}

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