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UGANDA: Police and Army Forces Battle with FDC Supporters as Free my Vote Demonstrations Continue to be Under Fire Country Wide

By Muriisa Robert On:5 May 2016

Police is currently engaging Forum for Democratic Change supporters in running battles in a bid to crush the May 5 demonstration.

document 5923{Minutes back Kabarole FDC Chairperson Nyakato Rusoke was arrested at her home over “Free My Vote” defiance demo in Fort Portal.} document 5924{Police has blocked the road leading to former FDC Presidential Candidate Dr Kizza Besigye on the same day opposition is supposed to stage an election protest.} The party launched its protests countrywide demanding an independent audit of 2016 elections. In Busia, police was seen patrolling the streets to disperse FDC demonstrators. document 5925{At Najjanakumbi, FDC Party President Mugisha Muntu and Deputy Secretary General Harold Kaija who had gone to kick-start the peaceful demonstrations were blocked by police.} document 5926{Police joined by the army is still deployed heavily at FDC offices and patrolling Entebbe highway at the same time.} In Busega, people are engaging police. Many shops in Rukungiri have been closed. A sporadic uprising in Kampala around mini price this morning attracted teargas from officers at Central Police Station. document 5927{At Makerere University, students were chased from their rooms at Mitchell Hall while those of Kyambogo University have been reported arrested.} document 5928document 5929document 5930document 5931document 5932 {{By Robert Muriisa.}}

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