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What can I do to have a Baby Boy? Here are 3 Easy Steps to Produce a Baby Boy Naturally

By Muriisa Robert On:22 April 2016

Many couples yearn to have both a baby boy and a baby girl in their families. Both boys and girls can bring much joy into the home. This article is about how to conceive a baby boy, so you can add more color to your family though, of course, the most important thing is not your baby's gender, but his or her health and the happiness of the family. Those factors can never be replaced.

document 5470{The Science behind Having a Baby Boy: X and Y Chromosomes.} Although scientific studies have shown varying results, these methods have been practiced for hundreds of years throughout many different cultures, from Indian to Chinese to European. So though these three methods are not a 100 percent guarantee, there is a lot of history behind them suggesting that they can help increase your chances of conceiving a baby boy. document 5471{{Without going into too much technical detail, let me briefly explain how these methods work:}} There are two kinds of sperm, the Y sperm and the X sperm. Only one sperm will fertilize the egg; if it is a Y sperm, the child will be a baby boy; if it is an X sperm, the child will be a baby girl. Thus, baby planning revolves around increasing the odds that either a Y or an X sperm will reach the egg first. The ways Y and X sperm behave is very similar to the ways men and women behave. What do I mean by this? You see, Y sperm, like most guys, move very quickly but lack endurance. X sperm, on the other hand, move more slowly, are more patient, and generally live longer. In order for you to conceive a baby boy, baby planning tries to increase the chances of the Y sperm reaching the egg first by giving them a head start through diet, ovulation planning, and even intercourse position. These methods are completely natural, and Dr. Landrum Shettles, a pioneer of in vitro fertilization techniques, conducted a series of experiments in the sixties that led him to the same recommendations wives tales have been telling for generations. In the 1960s, he became convinced by various experiments that the timing of conception within the menstrual cycle and the acidity or alkalinity of the female reproductive tract helped determine a baby's sex. Operating under the theory that male-chromosome sperm move faster and die sooner, while female-chromosome sperm move slower and live longer, the book lays out instructions on the timing of intercourse three days before ovulation for a girl, the day of ovulation for a boy and offers advice on sexual positions. {{The Three Steps to Conceive a Baby Boy Naturally.}} {{1. Diet.}} document 5472 Foods rich in potassium and sodium will help you maintain an alkaline cervical discharge, which is more amenable for conceiving a baby boy. A woman's diet is extremely important in baby planning because the correct internal acidity is theorized to help the Y sperm move faster and live longer. The Y sperm requires an environment that is more alkaline in nature; in other words, the PH level of the cervical discharge of a woman's body needs to be less acidic. One thing that helps determine the PH level of cervical discharge is the food that you eat. If you want to increase the chances of conceiving a baby boy, you need to include in your diet foods that are rich in sodium and potassium, such as pickles and bananas. Orgasms are also said to help the cervical discharge become more alkaline. {{2. Ovulation Planning.}} document 5473 To increase your chances of having a baby boy, plan to conceive as close as possible to ovulation. This is pretty straight forward. As explained above, the Y sperm does not live as long as the X sperm. This means that insemination should happen as close to ovulation as possible to have a baby boy. Track your ovulation period so that you can know when is the right time to "do it" with your partner. As a rough rule of thumb, your ovulation period occurs about 16 days after the first day of your last menstrual flow. You can also buy an ovulation kit to determine when the best time to have a baby boy would be. {{3. Intercourse Position.}} document 5474 Lastly, when trying to conceive a baby boy, use positions that allow for deep penetration during intercourse. The third step is to actually give the Y sperm a head start in reaching the egg. Again, the Y sperm generally moves faster than the X sperm but cannot live as long as the X sperm does, so getting the sperm as close to the egg as possible gives the Y sperm an advantage. During intercourse, use positions that allow deep penetration so that the Y sperm is able to reach the egg as quickly as possible. {{By Robert Muriisa, Sex Experts Online.}}

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