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Why always Rwanda? Congo accuses Rwanda of Funding New Rebel Group

By Muriisa Robert On:15 April 2016

Congo security forces have uncovered a new rebel group operating at the border of Congo and Burundi.

document 5266{New Rwandan suspected rebels are believed to be along Burundi-Rwanda border.} Since February this year, the Congolese security services have arrested dozens of insurgents who are allegedly trained by Rwanda to infiltrate Burundi through Congo. Congolese security officials told France International Radio that they have dismantled two new channels in coordinated operations by the FARDC and the Burundian army, each on their side of the border along the Rusizi River. The first sector was dismantled in February Mutarule when several Congolese were arrested after the discovery of a large cache of weapons. Among them, a group of chief Barundi, which in Kinshasa, had numbers of officials of Rwandan security services in his cell. With them he would have coordinated infiltration. The search continued for several days and would have led to the arrest of seven Burundian combatants. The second stream was dismantled in the Rusizi plain in March. But this time, the infiltrators were assisted by Mai Mai Bafulero group, yet deemed hostile ethnic group in Kigali. “This is not the first time that we are seeing this type of alliance,” says an expert in Congo. These Mai Mai reportedly demanded up to $ 200 per infiltrated before abandoning Burundians to their fate. In total, 37 Burundians who have intercepted and including two officers of the former Burundian army and three minors presented to MONUSCO. Congolese security services ensure that Rwanda remains involved in terms training, logistical and financial support. Like those arrested last year, the infiltrators would have passed through the Rwandan refugee camps. “The methods of infiltration evolve after each of our sweeps,” says a Congolese officer. As for the allegations that prisoner transfer state of the Congo to Burundi, both governments deny. {{By Robert Muriisa.}}

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