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I had sex with the boss’s daughter... and his wife who wants more

By Hitimana On:10 October 2015

Where I work (it's a smallish company, employing only 10 or 11 people) we have 2 buildings. One is the sales, where I work and the other is the accounts building just up the road. Every now and then I need to pop up to the accounts office for various things.

Anyways, being a small company the boss's daughter and wife do his accounts so it's only those two that are ever in the accounts office. At the Christmas party in December the daughter got pretty drunk and I ended up having to take her home in a taxi. She wasn't totally out her face, falling and spewing all over the place drunk just being loud and stumbling about. So we're in and then she starts feeling my leg and then moving her hand up to my groin. One thing led to another and we ended up at her place (She doesn't live with her Dad) and had sex. This was the last time I have seen her until after the Christmas and New Years break. But even since then she doesn't seem interested anymore. Fair enough. The other day, I had to run up to the account office to collect some papers that I needed. The daughter had a day off so it was only the wife that was in. She's not bad looking and probably 40, maybe less. I go into the closet to get some stuff and BANG the door slams behind me. I almost shat myself and turned round to see the boss's wife standing there wife a big cheesy grin on her face. She forced herself on me, not that I cared. We had sex and I went back down to my sales office. I assumed this was the end of it. But his wife kept calling my line and asking when I next needed something out of "the closet". It's making me pretty nervous because these things always end in tears. So I told her that I wasn't interested in carrying on with her. Now she's threatening to tell the boss that I followed her into the closet and forced her to have sex with me. I need the help of my fellow friends, how do I get out of this one?

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