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I suffer from back problems, and during sex I sometimes have to stop because of the pain. What can I do?

All backs are not created equal, so finding a comfortable position is a trail-and-error kind of deal.

For many people, the easiest options are the "scissor" (where both partners lie on their side, facing each other, limbs entangled) or the "spoon" (where one partner cuddles up against the other’s back). For men with back pain, try sitting on a chair that has good support.

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Your partner can then sit on top either facing toward or away from you. Then there’s a technique I call "love from above": The guy lies on his back, while the woman lowers herself over him. (Beware: She needs to have strong legs and a good back for this one.) What to avoid? Stay away from the doggie position and classic missionary position, both of which require back strength.

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