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I hate being a black girl; I wish I could drain all the black blood out and rip the black skin off me

Hi everyone my name is Naomi, i am a 25 years old black female and i hate being ablack girl.

I live in the uk and you hardly ever see black girls being dated.
Black men go with white girls ( which is cool) but no other races want black girls (otherwise JUST FOR SEX).

In school its like no one loves black girls any more, even the quiet black girls. Why ?
Sometimes i feel like, is it because BLACK STAND FOR DIRT. Black is the color of dirty clothes, hands and feet?? Black is the color of darkness.!!!!??

I grew up with both parents in middle class and not in the ghetto and i had white people surrounded me, and were very nice. My mom and dad are both black and they were great parents and i grew up a pretty normal life, only thing is all my life i have hated being a black girl and wish i was a white or other color female.

My hair is nappy, my skin is dark and i have to deal with all the bad sterotypes of black women which is too much for me.
I don’t get along with other black women because they are always loud and ignorant and really really ghetto, even the middle class ones.

I wish I was white because I think white people are more atractive are the dominant race in World, have power, authority, better of monetarily.

I don’t know if its only in the UK, BUT THE FACT IS: Black people always insult fellow blacks so much division in my race black people are more racist than whites because we hate each other. At least most whites can come together most of the time without dividing trivial things. Black people are ignorant, aggressive, oversensitive, defensive, violent.

Most black people do really resemble a .... and I wish I could rip the black skin from off me. Most black people have ghetto or black sounding names like...... its not unique it sounds tacky. Most black people think whites are the only ones who are racist when we’re the most racist + prejudice people around.

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Jay - 27/04/2015 saa 06:23

I feel like you may be suffering from low self-esteem, which is perpetuating this "black is bad" feeling. There's nothing ugly about being black, but do know that in Western (pop) culture, dark-skinned women do have it hard. You're feelings are understandable, you're far from crazy for your feelings. Know that race has nothing to do with beauty. Social-construction is cruel and unfair, and finding strength and beauty DOES come in the form of confidence. You can't rely on others to make you feel beautiful, because being beautiful is so relative, what one person is attracted to, someone else may say "no, she's hideous!". But in a world where a lot of people are TAUGHT that black women are not beautiful is sad and hard to live with. Like I said, you're not crazy, you're on a journey to find out who you are. You're on a journey to grow in confidence and strength. You don't have the same journey as most around you (or specifically white women). You ARE different, make no mistake, but that's NOT a problem. You have to start on a level that those around you don't (and can not) understand. But that's what makes you special. That's what makes you different (in your world). While you're not unique (there are a lot of black women going through what you're going through), your struggles and battles will feel lonely at times, but that will just make your story that much more amazing. Please don't stop finding confidence, your beauty is there. YOU just have to see that. If you can't see it, how else can you expect others to?

Nicole - 15/04/2015 saa 16:33

Totally rubbish!!!!! You can be black and still be a better person!!! I think you just have a low self-esteem!!!!!

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