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I found my son having S£X with my wife... Man cries for help

Relationship and Family matter: Man needs help after finding his son cheating with his wife.

Dear readers,

I’m a 48 year old man who is now very stressed. In my life I have married a total of three wives. I married the first one when I was 18 years old. We spent 3 years together without a child. I then decided to marry a second wife but my first wife fumed and we had a strong argument over the issue.

I had already found a girlfriend and a year later she fell pregnant. She eloped with me and this time my first wife had no option but to accommodate her. I’m very light in complexion and all my wives are not dark, but I got the shock of my life when this woman’s baby came out to be a dark baby

I began suspecting that she had lied about the pregnancy. I secretly visited a popular “witch doctor” who told me that my second wife had cheated on me with her other boyfriend. The “witch doctor” said this boyfriend who was also a married man is the one who had impregnated her. The “witch doctor” told me to return to him with my wife if she would dispute having been impregnated by another man.

I was very angry and chucked my wife out of the house when I got home. My second wife then went to my relatives and pleaded with them to forgive her and also to ask them to soften my heart so that I would take her back into my house. After so much efforts from my family members, I eventually forgave her and gave her a second chance I was about 24 years old then.

She also failed to give birth to another child, so I married the third woman. This is the woman who then gave birth to a baby boy whom I gave my own name. I loved this child so much and even sent him to an expensive school because he was my only child.

In November this year, I nearly died when I caught my son having s3’x with my second wife. My son is turning 24 this year and my second wife is 35 years old. Am out of ideas and I don’t know what do next?

Please help me, what should I do to get over it? Should I just commit suicide and live them to enjoy life without my disturbances?

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