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How do I disclose to my wife that I am addicted to commercial sex workers?

I’m a married man with four children under the age of 14. I’ve been with my wife for 16 years and married to her for 10, but I have a very dark secret.

I can’t stop using massage parlours. I still love my wife, but have been visiting the parlours for the past 20 years and can’t stop. Please help. I need to stop before I get found out.

LiveWise says You’ve been doing it throughout your entire relationship and managed to keep it secret, so why are you so worried about being found out now?

Are you sure you’re not addicted to this cloak-and-dagger double life just as much as the happy ending, even though getting caught is your biggest fear?

While you’re deliberating on that, try to imagine what your life will be like if your wife does find out. Will she throw you out and start divorce proceedings? What impact will it have on your kids?

You’ll be free to visit massage parlours every night of the week, but how will you feel going back to your rented flat without your family around you? Here’s what I think.

Why threaten what many people never find in their lifetime for the sake of a quickie? If it’s about excitement (or lack of) in your sex life, then why not try to create that with your wife?

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