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Uganda: State Tells Court to Let General Sejusa Die in Prison

George Karemeera a state attorney in the case where former coordinator of military intelligence General David Sejjusa filed in the high court seeking an order to the UPDF commissions board retire him officially in the army, has asked the court to dismiss the case with costs.

During the court session presided over by judge justice Margret Oguli, Karemeera noted that the case was filed six months after the required period of 90 days required by the constitution for any officer to be discharged from army urging court to dismiss the case saying that Gen Sejusa was wasting courts time after filing a case beyond required legal period .

‘’ The statutory provision requires that for application of judicial review be valid must be filed not later than three months from the date of the main suit, failure to file the application in time then the applicant should apply for extension of time .’’ Karemeera told court.

‘’My lord Gen. Sejusa should have applied first for extension of time after giving genuine reasons for his delay of which he didn’t, so am requesting court to dismiss his application with costs so that he can serve as an example to other officers who would like to follow his path’’. He said.

State prosecutor also commented on Sejusa’s letter he wrote to commissions board to retire him from UPDF which he said, that according to section 66 of the UPDF Act 2005 an officer may in writing tender application of retirement on oath when his/her affidavits to resign are enclosed which General Sejusa failed to submit.

He noted that Gen sejjusa filed a case at high court last year asking for retirement after when the Army strapped him off from payroll, withdrew his uniforms, guns plus stopping all the allowances he enjoyed as a General because he had made himself absent without official leave.

Gen. Sejjusa’s lawyers led by David Mushabe insisted that their client wants a compensation of one billion shillings from the Army over the outcomes he suffered after denying him allowances abruptly.

Judge Oguli adjourned the case up to next week on Tuesday 10th for further hearing.

By Robert Muriisa.

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