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Security Council asks UN chief to discuss with African Union on enhanced police presence in Burundi

The UN Security Council on Friday adopted a resolution to require UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to hold talks with the Burundian government and the African Union on the proposed international presence and present options to the Security Council within 15 days.

China’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations Liu Jieyi votes during a meeting held by the UN Security Council on the crisis in Burundi, in New York, April 1, 2016.

The new resolution unanimously adopted by the 15-nation UN council paves the way for an enhanced UN police presence in Burundi, where a crisis broke out in April 2015 after protests against the third term bid of Burundian President Pierre Nkurunziza.

The resolution called on countries in the region "to contribute to a solution to the crisis in Burundi, and to refrain from supporting the activities of armed movements in any way."

The United Nations Security Council holds a meeting on the crisis in Burundi, in New York, April 1, 2016.

The Security Council expressed its "intention to consider measures against all actors, inside and outside Burundi, whose actions and statements contribute to the perpetuation of violence and impede the search for a peaceful solution," the resolution said.

The Security Council urged "the government of Burundi and all parties to reject any kind of violence and condemn any public statement inciting violence or hatred," the resolution said.

The council also demanded that "all sides in Burundi refrain from from any action that would threaten peace and stability in the country," said the resolution.

African Union Police.

The protests and the post-election violence reportedly left more than 400 people killed and drove more than 240,000 people fled into neighboring countries.

The draft resolution initially circulated by France on March 29 came after an attempt in late February to adopt a presidential statement on Burundi which was unsuccessful due to a lack of consensus, diplomats said here.

The United Nations will do everything possible to facilitate peaceful resolution of the Burundi crisis, the secretary-general said at the end of his official visit to Burundi in late February.

By Robert Muriisa.

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