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S.Sudan: Gen Gatdet to Declare a War on Kiir-Machar Gov’t

South Sudan rebel General Peter Gatdet Yak says he will continue fighting against the government of President Salva Kiir and his deputy Riek Machar.

Gen Gatdet (C) and his colleagues.

Machar who broke away from Juba in 2013 at the start of the civil war, returned to the capital on Tuesday and took the office of first vice president.

After swearing him in, Kiir went ahead and dissolved his old cabinet to form a transitional government of national unity.

Gen Yak says South Sudanese don’t deserve this fragile peace agreement that includes maintaining Kiir as the president and Riek as 1st VP yet they committed crimes since December 2013.

Yak is the top commander of political group Federal Democratic Party (FDP) armed wing, the South Sudan Armed Forces (SSAF).

He was recently in the news bickering with the party’s previous provisional chairman Gabriel Changson Chang

General Yak was formerly a member of SPLM-IO under Machar before breaking away ahead of the signing of the Addis Ababa peace deal in August 2015.

In a statement released at the close of the week, Yak says the peace signed between Kiir and Machar is not compressive because it never addressed the root cause of the conflict

He accuses Machar of failing the country saying he does not deserve a second chance to lead.

“No time to be waste for the regime change. I Gen Peter Gadtet and other defected Generals of SPLA-IO are going to take action immediately,” he said.

He says it was Machar that premeditated the confrontation between Nuers and Dinkas causing tribal divisions with in the country.

He adds that the same person returning to government indicates that he is not taking the country anywhere.

“We the SPLA generals, therefore won’t allow bad leadership and extreme levels of corruption which poisons our values under the government of Machar and Kiir.”

He says Machar never felt for the people who were massacred during the civil war yet he is the same person who led to the death of thousands.

He says the reunification of SPLM party in Tanzania and Addis Ababa peace talks were all about Machar landing a position in government.

Gatdet said the opposition movement has never belonged to Machar because the VP has always had his ulterior motives for fighting.

By Robert Muriisa.

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