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Ruvuma River: Crocodile Kills Young Boy in Southern Tanzania

A 13-year-old boy has been killed by a crocodile along the Ruvuma River in Tanzania’s southern region of Mtwara, authorities said Tuesday.

Ruvuma River found in the Matagoro Mountains in south-eastern Tanzania.

Reports said the teenager -Zawadi Mlaponi, who was a standard four student at Manyuli Primary in Manyuli ward of Masasi district was attacked, and eaten by the beast when he was fishing in Ruvuma River and his body remains were yet to be seen.

The tragic incident occurred on Monday in the Manyuli village located near Ruvuma River - a perennial river rising in the Matagoro Mountains in south-eastern Tanzania.

A local government official in the area, Abdul Kachale said the teenager left home on Monday evening when he was accompanied by his colleagues for the purpose of fishing in Ruvuma River for family consumption.

Ruvuma River has been in the previous days abandoned due to the increased number of crocodiles.

Kachale who is a Mnavila ward executive officer said the teenager met the tragedy when he was fishing in the river using fishing hooks.

The official called for urgent measures to curb the threat posed by crocodiles to village communities along the river, which separate Tanzania and Mozambique.

Mtwara Regional Police Commander, Henry Mwaibambe confirmed the incident, saying the incident came barely few days when a 60-year-old man Mohamed Mkadoba was attacked and being eaten by a crocodile in the same river.

"He went into the river for the purpose of fishing using fishnets, but before realizing his mission, the crocodile attacked and killed him," the official said.

In recent years, Ruvuma is one of the deadly rivers in east and central African region due to series of crocodile attacks.

By Robert Muriisa.

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