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Police Returns Uganda’s Main Opposition Leader Besigye under House Arrest

Police chief Kale Kayihura has redeployed officers at the home of former FDC presidential candidate Dr. Kizza Besigye.

Police guard the road leading to Dr Kizza Besigye’s home in Kasangati.

Kayihura says the police will stay at Besigye’s home in Kasangati Wakiso district until further notice.

The police chief told press on Tuesday that the officers will restrict Besigye’s movements again to avoid chaotic scenes.

This comes a few weeks after government ended a 48-day siege on the home.

The police chief asked Besigye and his FC party to drop the defiance campaign which breaches last week’s order by Deputy Chief Justice Steven Kavuma that banned FDC activities for four weeks.

Police had just arrested 14 party members for defying Justice Stephen Kavuma’s court order against protest activities, and the Free-my-vote prayers at FDC headquarters.

“Whoever ignores the order and goes ahead to engage in those prohibited demonstrations should know that they will be in contempt of court and shall be criminally liable,” Kayihura said.

He added: “A prayer campaign should be spreading peace and not inciting violence and hatred.”

Addressing press at his home, Dr Kizza Besigye condemned the brutality of the police on the people of Uganda.

Besigye maintained that all FDC activities and the defiance campaign will continue until NRM regime collapses.

Besigye reiterated that May 5th activities will go on all over the country and no one will stop them.

By Robert Muriisa.

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