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Museveni Orders Court, Dismiss Mbabazi Petition

President Yoweri Museveni has written to Supreme Court seeking dismissal with costs a petition that challenges his fifth term in office.

Former Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi filed the petition last week.

Mbabazi seeks the annulment of the election saying the Electoral Commission failed to comply with the electoral laws.

The president had promised to respond to it in three days.

In a defence filed by NRM lawyers at the Kololo based court on Monday, Museveni says he was “validly” elected in accordance with all electoral laws.

“No illegal practices or offences attributed to me were committed by me or with my knowledge and consent,” Museveni wrote.

He adds: “I was validly elected in accordance with the principles laid down in the provisions of the Constitution, the Electoral Commission Act and the Presidential Elections Act.”

He then denied bribery allegation including the giving of hoes to the electorate.
“Giving of hoes to the people of Uganda is part of an ongoing programme of the government to support farmers with agriculture implements and to improve household incomes. This programme started well before the 2015/16 campaign and election period,” the president explains.

On allegations that he bribed voters with Shs250, 000, Museveni says the money was paid by NRM to branches to support party activities.

Mbabazi further accuses the president of threatening his supporters in Ntungamo saying they were in danger because “they cannot touch the anus of the leopard and go scot-free”.

Museveni denies saying it was only a figure of speech to caution lawbreakers.

In Luweero, Museveni is accused of running adverts showing skulls of those who died in the bush war as a way of intimidating people to vote him.

“I only advised electorates to exercise their right to vote carefully to protect the gains and progress the country has achieved since 1986,” he said in self-defence.

Museveni further denies using Gen Kale Kayihura, the Inspector General of Police, to arrest Mbabazi, Kizza Besigye as well as their supporters.
Hearing of the petition starts on Monday next week.

By Robert Muriisa.

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