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Museveni Bribed 30,000 Families to Vote him- Amama Mbabazi

The Go Forward’s presidential candidate Amama Mbabazi alleges that the president bribed voters with all sorts of things in the 2016 presidential election.

This is contained in his amended petition presented by his lawyer Muhammad Mbabazi in Supreme Court on Monday.

NRM lawyers arguing that it was a new petition of its own first rejected the amended version.

On the other hand, Former Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi also claims that his votes were switched and given to the incumbent, President Yoweri Museveni.

The Go Forward candidate garnered 1.4% of the total vote following FDC candidate Kizza Besigye with 35% nearly halfway below Museveni who picked 60%.

In an amended petition filed by his lawyers at Supreme Court in Kampala on Monday, Mbabazi demands a recount of up to 54 districts across the country.

He accuses the electoral commission chairman Badru Kiggundu of deliberately switch his votes wherever he allegedly defeated Museveni.

“…the results announced by the 2nd respondent (Kiggundu) declaring the 1st respondent (Museveni) as winner were different from what was announced at the polling stations,” reads the amended petition.

In some cases like Kiruhura district, the president got more votes than the number of registered voters.

“At some polling stations where the petitioner (Mbabazi) won or got a higher number of votes, Kiggundu announced zero votes,” the petition further claims.

In other instances where the petitioner’s votes were higher, they were switched and given to the president, the petition states.

In court, Mbabazi’s lawyer Muhammad Mbabazi also rose the issue of disappearance of their witnesses at the hands of the state.

It also presented new 10 grounds on top of the original 28 grounds.

The amended petition alleges that president Museveni bribed 30,000 families in Mayuge district with 500 hectares of land to vote him, which was unfair to other candidates.

In his first petition, Mbabazi also accuses Museveni of bribing farmers with 1.8 million how’s towards election time.

He further accuses the president of using derogatory language to disenfranchise those who would have voted his opponents.

In a first court victory, Supreme Court judges led by Chief Justice Bart Katureebe accepted Mbabazi’s amended petition.

According to his lawyer Asuman Basalirwa, the amended petition gives them more solid grounds.

Court set Monday March 14 as the date for hearing the petition.

By Robert Muriisa.

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