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Museven’s Bitter and Annoying Words used during his Campaigns may now turn against him

Kampala: Petitioner Amama Mbabazi’s lawyers have used “leopard’s anus” remark against President Yoweri Museveni in court.

The president made the remarks at the close of last year while swearing revenge on Mbabazi camp for beating his supporters in Ntungamo district during campaigns.

The president was quoted in media saying Mbabazi and his supporters had touched the leopard’s anus and would suffer the consequences.

Part of the consequences saw the arrest and detention of Mbabazi’s supporters and the disappearance of his chief bodyguard Christopher Aine.

In his submission on Tuesday, Mbabazi’s lawyer Michael Akampurira presented the remark as derogatory contrary to the Presidential Election Act 2015.

Akampurira cites four kinds of offenses Museveni committed during the 2016 elections.

1) Offenses related to bribery contrary to section 64(1) of Presidential Elections Act (PEA).
The petitioner contends that the 1st respondent (Museveni) committed acts of bribery during elections.

Anyone who contravenes law on bribery as per PEA is liable to conviction: imprisonment (not exceeding 3yrs).

Akampurira asked court to treat the various affidavits supporting his bribery allegations as a whole to which the Chief Justice objected.

2) Offenses related to false statements concerning character of other candidates.

3) interference with election activities of other parties contrary to Section 26 of Presidential Elections Act (PEA).

Akampurira said as the petitioner arrived in Fort Portal, his procession was attacked by a group of people wearing yellow t-shirts.

The petitioner’s Public Address System at Boma Grounds was vandalised by NRM agents identified by locals.

NRM agents interfered with election activities of the petitioner, contrary to Section 26(b) of Presidential Elections Act (PEA).

The lawyer also cited Mbabazi sister-in-law Hope Mwesigye’s affidavit alleging that supporters dressed in Mbabazi t-shirts were imprisoned and tortured.

“The petitioner’s supporters became a target. The petitioner was arrested, detained at Lugazi and later released.”

“Some people shunned our meeting after they were given money to stay away.

Jet fighters kept hovering over our meeting place as though they were landing, scaring away people,” Hope Mwesigye’s affidavit alleges.

Akampurira submitted that monies given out by NRM agents helped in aiding interference of electioneering activities of others.

Earlier, lawyer Severino Twinobusingye submitted on matter of promised hoes.

“Accusation of the bribe of the hoes was committed by candidate Yoweri Museveni, not the president,” he said.

Museveni made the hoes promise at a campaign rally in Terego as a candidate, not as the president.

Wolves, leopard anus remarks;

“1st respondent made several reckless statements to the effect that he wasn’t ready to hand over to wolves.

1st respondent referring to petitioner as a “wolf” was derogatory and further calling him mad was false.

Petitioner was neither a wolf nor mad,” Akampurira told court.

Museveni made the remarks during his Kigezi region tour in January 2015.

“…I have the army, how can I go and leave Uganda to wolves?” Museveni told a gathering in Kabale town.

The lawyer said the purpose of Museveni’s statements was to discourage voters from voting for “mad wolves”.

Chief Justice Katureebe said the “wolf” statement was made on Jan 14, 2015 and that there were no candidates at the time.

Akampurira then abandoned the “wolf” statement given that it was made by Museveni outside the election period.

Akampurira then insisted on the infamous “leopard anus” statement made by Museveni.

“The 1st respondent’s remarks were derogatory, abusive and insulting to the petitioner.”

Akampurira further noted that the “leopard anus” statement was directed towards the petitioner after the Ntungamo clashes.

Chief Justice Bart Katureebe questioned whether “leopard anus” made by Museveni was directed towards the petitioner or the attackers.

By Robert Muriisa, Sources, Kampala Court.

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