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I will do Everything Possible to Ensure Museveni Isn’t Sworn in, Uganda’s FDC Col. Besigye

Uganda: Opposition Forum for Democractic Change [FDC] has announced a mass demonstration in Kampala to block President Yoweri Museveni from being sworn-in for the fifth time.

Col Besigye speaks before the press about the 18 Feb rigged election that announced Museveni the winner.

FDC spokesperson Ssemujju Nganda said the party will hold a peaceful demonstration on 5th May challenging the election of Museveni.

The officials will hold a procession from FDC main offices in Najjanankumbi along Entebbe road to Nakivubo blue Primary School.

Nganda said there is no law that the police can use to stop a parallel swearing-in ceremony from taking place.

State House said Museveni will be sworn in for the fifth time as Uganda’s leader on May 2, 2016 after winning the 2016 election with 60 percent.

He defeated rival and opposition leader Kizza Besigye who came second with 35 percent while his former Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi with a range of over 90 percent.

Mbabazi petitioned against the results but his application was dismissed by Supreme Court on account that it lacked enough evidence.

FDC Secretary for Mobilisation, Ingrid Turinawe, says that Museveni must stop taking himself as a president and shouldn’t be sworn in.

At the start of April, former party candidate Kizza Besigye accuses said he won 2016 elections and will not allow Museveni to take office “illegally”.

“I will do everything within my reach to ensure Museveni isn’t sworn in until an independent audit of the poll results is done,” Besigye told journalists at his home in Kasangati.

We are likely to see Museveni inside the bullet proof stands on 2 May during the swearing in ceremony as the Opposition side continues to raise threatening comments.

“Ugandans spoke in the election,” he told press, adding that it was the electoral commission and security forces [police, army] that were curtailing democracy in the country.

By Robert Muriisa.

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