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Fighter Jets Worry Kampala as Police Battle FDC Defiance Protests

Panic and anxiety ripped through Kampala city residents after two military jets hovered over Kampala city center sending residents into fear.

The two Russian made Sukhoi noisy fighter jets flew over Kampala several times before they withdrew back to Entebbe military airbase.

However this did not go down well with the public and some were heard asking why the fighter jets would be doing over the city center.

“This is tax payers’ money on unproductive stuffs, are we on battle field, one of the Kampala residents said.

Security is still tight in and around Kampala.

Paddy Ankunda the army spokesperson told reporters that it was part of routine test flights.

This came after police and military police in Kampala battled FDC supporters in Kampala who were protesting president Museveni’s re-election.

Aaron Silingi Baguma the Kampala central police station commander said police is holding 8 members of the FDC’s Red Top brigade who were arrested as they tried to burn down Shell Fuel station along Mini price in the down town Kampala.

Military police, Police and plain clothes security personnel also remain heavily deployed at the headquarters of Forum for democratic change and Entebbe high way ahead of planned demonstration.

Police armored courier vehicles; police patrols and military police, and police officers on motorcycles remain patrolling each direction of the Entebbe highway.

According to District police commander Katwe Mission Samuel they have heavily deployed military police and non-combat staff to implement Interim orders and to block the planned procession from Najjanankumbi FDC offices using Entebbe road to Nakivubo blue play ground where they expect to hold a rally.

Security personnel also remain surrounded the home of lord mayor Elias Lukwago in Wakaliga and also homes of opposition politicians across Kampala and Kasangati the home of FDC former presidential flag bearer.

By Robert Muriisa, Red Times.

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