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Border Conflict Could End as DR Congo, Uganda Unveils Demarcation of their Common Border

Democratic Republic of Congo (DR Congo) and Uganda on Wednesday unveiled a joint demarcation of their common border in the eastern part of DR Congo.

Several leaders from both countries, accompanied by experts of the joint demarcation commission, took part in the bipartisan exercise whose objective is to end persistent conflicts between Uganda and DR Congo.

Head of the DR Congo delegation Jean-Pierre Masala expressed the desire to see discussions held in good conditions because, according to him, a border should only be considered as a bridge between two countries and not a barrier.

Head of the Ugandan delegation recalled that the two countries are interested in having a clear border since they share a lot of resources along the boundary, especially oil.

He expressed hope that the demarcation will offer a lasting solution to the security and economic problems between his country and DR Congo.

Congolese and Ugandan authorities have continuously accused each other of violating the borders erected by their former colonizers.

By Robert Muriisa.

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