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AU, Somalia Forces Recapture Town from Al-Shabaab

The Africa Union peacekeeping forces in Somalia, or AMISOM, supported by Somali troops, on Monday recaptured the southern town of Janale from Al-Shabaab militants.

Recapture town of Janale.

Abdi Ibrahim Shamow, police commander for Lower Shabelle region where the town is located, said the joint forces took the town in the morning without resistance from the militants.

"Al-Shabab militants attempted to make resistance, but failed and ran away from the town. They knew we were stronger than them, no casualties at all," Shamow said.

The joint forces have recently stepped up security operations in the region, according to the official.

Al-Shabab took off after they were attacked.

Al-Shabaab attacked the AMISOM base in Janale in September last year and took the town, claiming it killed 70 soldiers.

The Islamist group has been fighting to topple the Somali government and often stages deadly attacks across the country.

By Robert Muriisa.

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