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At Least 23 Al-Shabaab Militants Killed in Central Somalia

At least 23 militants have been killed and 22 others arrested in heavy fighting between Al-Shabaab militants and forces of Galmudug State in Somalia in the past 24 hours, officials said on Friday.

Information Minister of Galmudug State Mohamed Aden Osman said the fighting was still going on and reported military progress against the insurgents.

"Our forces killed 23 of the fighters, captured several others and confiscated weapons from them," Osman said in a statement released a day ago.

"The confrontation happened in three villages in east Mudug region which are Jiray, Dinoda and Bud-bud. We will not allow the group to hide and prepare plots against the Somali community in areas under our control," he added.

The minister said Galmudug security forces launched an operation to flush out fleeing Al-Shabaab terrorist fighters that were defeated in Garad and Suuj area by Punt-land forces and sought safe haven in territories on the eastern part of Galmudug.

"The forces launched the operation targeting the fleeing Al-Shabab fighters who headed towards the Galmudug territories to seek hideouts and regrouping spaces, but the forces foiled their trial," he added.

The minister called on the Somalia government and the international community to support the Galmudug forces to fight against Al-Shabaab in order to liberate all Galmudug territories from terrorist group.

He also requested the Somali people, especially the Galmudug communities, to provide moral and means support to the forces in order to motivate them to succeed the fight against terror.

By Robert Muriisa.

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