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“Arrest that CRIMINAL and HAND him over to US for TRIAL”- Botswana ORDERS Kenya over Museveni.

Could it be the reason why the oil deals turned into pieces? Or they/Uhuru and Museveni were not yet ready to conduct the talk?

Museveni is criticized allover the world for ridging 2016 elections.

However, the government of Botswana under Gaborone has prepared a formal request to Kenya to arrest and handover visiting Uganda President Yoweri Museveni to them to face war crime charges in Uganda which include opposition persecution & gross human rights violations.

Botswana is the only country in Africa that doesn’t recognize Museveni’s ‘victory’ which President Ian Khama described as the biggest fraud in history of mankind since that snake tricked Adam and Eve.

In a statement from the presidency to the army general council leaked to our news desk, the president says;

“I hereby order our border guards to be on the lookout in case that criminal sneaks into the country on his many wastrel trips to South Africa.

As the commander in chief I also order the army to intercept or bring down any aircraft within our airspace carrying that demagogue who has continued to twist democracy and deceive popular will of Ugandans in this 21stcentury.

Museveni may escape today but we will sure catch him like a squirrel and bring him to justice. Already our prisons department has prepared a special jail where we will keep him during trial, same jail is where he will spend his next 30years paying for his crimes.

Our attorney general will write a letter to Kenya in the next 72 hours to the effect of cooperating in immediate arrest of Museveni when he visits the country, failure to do so will degrade our relations and as usual Brookside milk products from Kenya will not be welcomed here again we will ban them for good.

Uhuru can’t keep aiding that despot Museveni in defeating Uganda’s popular will and perpetuating electoral theft, no this is a new Africa. He must arrest Museveni and hand him over to us.

More economic sanctions will follow on both Kenya and Uganda”
These rattling will surely trigger diplomatic standoff between Kampala, Nairobi and Gaborone. It also waits to be seen if Nairobi will heed Botswana’s request.

However, the FDC’s Col Besigye continues to remain under house arrest until ‘NO DATE’ which most of the Ugandans call fear by the government of Museveni since he also knows that he did not win on people’s will but under his own orders, EC, Army and Police.

Human rights observers have also in previous days called for the release of Besigye but all in vain.

US also did the same thing calling for the release of Besigye by Museveni’s forces and to be set free, the US also said that the previous elections that saw Museveni retain his position were not free and fair, also full of threats and intimidation by Uganda’s forces including arrests of opposition leaders and supporters and killings that we saw in Kasese, the western part of the country.

All these indicate that Museveni was never elected by Ugandans to go back in power but he used his unlawful ways of winning back the race.

By Robert Muriisa.

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rasta tom - 30/03/2016 saa 20:03

we are tired of museveni no future in uganda museveni must go 30years are enough we need change with besigye we need democracy

data michael - 27/03/2016 saa 07:25

happy easter to every ugn in fdc

Daniel eyechu - 26/03/2016 saa 19:00

We have elected our presdentykm.besigye is ahopeless ugandan who should enroll in upe schools under YKM coz he only knows medicine not patrotism.Bravo YKM

ODONGO MOSES - 24/03/2016 saa 21:42

Nothing to say

ainembabazi angella - 22/03/2016 saa 23:07

we need justice and democracy

Ahumuza Williams - 22/03/2016 saa 19:49

My brothers, I need first to hear from high court since the pertition is still going on. There, we will be sure for the stament made. Thanks.

Ahumuza Williams - 22/03/2016 saa 19:48

My brothers, I need first to hear from high court since the pertition is still going on. There, we will be sure for the stament made. Thanks.

rutaro vincent butirimuka - 22/03/2016 saa 18:48

God Help Uganda.

mukiibi - 22/03/2016 saa 16:03

please who ever read this we as ugandans we mandated Besigye but the west and few african arries of museveni.the people to suffer.he has been power for 30 yrs.whay does he want.only aiding wars across africa please put us in yo prayers and we overthrow his regime

joseph muneko - 25/03/2016 saa 20:07

do other things stop....day dreaming dawg

MUSHERUZI DEVIS - 22/03/2016 saa 14:44

SAD NEWS many people in differend parts of uganda are being harrased totured and killed by ugandan police together with UPDF

joseph muneko - 25/03/2016 saa 20:17

everywhere there are killings even in USA-ƙilling black people,libƴa,somalia, belgium etc uganda isnt the first....f*k

MUSHERUZI DEVIS - 22/03/2016 saa 13:56

Itis so sad many people in deferent parts of uganda are harrased,totured and killed by ugandan police together with UPDF,No freedom of speach any who say anything is to die so difrence btn museven,s Dictorship and id amin dada FOR GOD AND MY FUTURE A BLESS TO OUR ELECTED PRESIDENT OF UGANDA DR COL KIIZA BESINGYE

joseph muneko - 25/03/2016 saa 20:21

ƙiza besigye will never become ugandaz president....hah...ha waste tym

Dennis carlvins - 22/03/2016 saa 11:43

He must be brought to justice . He is a total failure .

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