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7 Dead in Clashes West of Libyan Capital Tripoli

At least seven people were killed in clashes on Wednesday west of Tripoli between tribesmen and forces loyal to Libya’s unrecognized government, an army officer said.

The violence in the village of Touebiya, 30km from the capital, stemmed from a failed burglary.

Tribesmen attacked the village and burnt down homes, said Colonel Abderrazaq al-Kharmani, an officer with forces that support the unrecognized government in Tripoli.

"We seized one of their vehicles, destroyed another and killed seven of their fighters," he told the press.
Kharmani said the confrontation broke out a day after a member of the tribal forces had been beaten to death with a stick by a woman in Touebiya as he tried to rob her home.

The tribesmen had attacked the village seeking to avenge his death, according to the officer.

Libya has descended into political chaos, with two rival governments seeking control, and insecurity since its 2011 revolution which ousted longtime dictator Muammar Gaddafi.

By Robert Muriisa.

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