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Uganda: Another Rebel Group ’USF’ Responsible for Kapchorwa Police Station Attack

A second rebel group, which calls itself “Uganda Saving Force” [USF], has propped up and claimed responsibility for the attack on Kapchorwa police station.

“On behalf of USF, we would like to inform the general public not to panic, but to be clam, in regards to the events that transpired in Kapchorwa police headquarters which saw the death of a police officer and one of our freedom fighters,” the rebels say in a public notice.

According to the notice, USF is an “organized force” with presence all over the country and even outside.

“We have a determined call to liberate/save Uganda from a hopeless dictatorial and oppressive regime of Mr Museveni,” the notice says.

The group accuses Museveni of failing to peacefully transfer power and pledge to “restore hope to the country”.

“We disassociate ourselves from all evil acts against innocent people of the society which may be committed by opportunistic individuals.”

The group claims to work with security personnel especially in the army and police “who shall cooperate…in our mission to save our country”.

The group doesn’t disclose its leader or actual physical bases.

This comes barely two days after a group calling itself “We Save Uganda Now (SUN)” announced it had launched a guerrilla war against Museveni.

The group’s commander a one “Maji Moto” claims that constitutionalism in Uganda “died a long time ago and was finally laid to rest on the 19th February 2016”.

SUN then claimed responsibility of the March 5, 2016 attack on a police station in Kapchorwa district.

Police spokesperson, Fred Enanga, said the attackers killed Sergeant Hakim Kaddu posted at Kapchorwa Central Police Station and critically wounded other three police officers who were on duty including; Stephen Labeja, Rukundo Junior and Inspector of Police, Jeremiah Musumba Kayemba.

According to Enanga, the “gang of criminals” operates in the Mt. Elgon Forest area and is commanded by a UPDF deserter, Julius Chelimo.

SUN claimed to have acquired 35 guns and over 320 round of munitions in this single operation, contrary to the police statement.

They also denied links with criminals led by UPDF deserter Chelimo saying it is a lie and a spin by state media.

By Robert Muriisa.

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- 14/03/2016 saa 11:41

This may be fair to me just bse in all j hear different suggestions bt 2 analyse j conclude "ugandans are strangers in their own land"

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