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No More House Detention as Police Vacates Home of Uganda’s main Opposition Leader

Ugandan police will lift their luggage and leave the home of the President Yoweri Museveni’s greatest rival, they said on Friday, weeks after restricting his movements when he lost an election he said was rigged.

Police leaving Col Besigye’s home.

Kizza Besigye, who won 35 percent of the vote to Museveni’s 60 percent, has been confined to his home since polling day on February 18. He called the result a sham marred by vote rigging, bribery and intimidation by security personnel.

Police accused him of inciting violence and blockaded his home in Kasangati, a suburb of the capital of Kampala. Analysts said the government feared he could have rallied mass protests aimed at toppling Museveni.

Journalists of all kinds have also been arrested and beaten by police since Besigye’s detention.

Police put spiked barriers outside the property and vetted visitors, turning away leaders from his Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) party and delegations of supporters. Police Chief Kale Kayihura said in a statement on Friday:

"We are withdrawing the precautionary security measures we had been forced to take with respect to ... Kizza Besigye."

The security restrictions on Besigye caused concern among Museveni’s Western backers. The United States said the detention of opposition figures and harassment of their supporters amounted to "unacceptable activities in a free and democratic society".

Besigye has been detained several times but he is now a free man.

FDC official Francis Mwijukye said the lifting of Besigye’s house arrest marked the start of the opposition’s resurgence. "We’re just getting started, we’ll ramp it up ... Besigye won the election and until he’s declared president we’ll not rest," he said.

Police have been detaining Besigye at his home place for 44 days. "NO way through."

By Robert Muriisa.

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Edward - 4/04/2016 saa 21:58

if he won 35 then he passed .that means that he won 58 according to African democracy i wonder why he was arrested on the same day . keep moving on

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