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Mugabe accuses African leaders of being cowards

Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe has accused some African leaders of cowardice. The criticism comes in the wake of the African Union’s push for permanent seats on the United Nation’s Security Council.

Mugabe has proposed the continent consider withdrawing its membership from the UN to form another grouping if the UN rejects its demands. But he believes some leaders lack the courage to stand up to the UN.

Hundreds of ruling party supporters welcomed an upbeat President Mugabe on his return from the United Nations General Assembly. In his address to the Assembly, President Mugabe reiterated previous calls for the UN Security Council reforms.

The council has five permanent members including the United States, Britain, France Russia and China. African countries believe they need to be represented too.

“We don’t know if everyone is behind us on these issues, it needs courageous leadership. But there are some that are afraid, they are cowards. These days Africa’s leaders are not the same as the ones that formed the Organisation of Africa Unity; they are afraid and want to be led. I can’t be the lone voice on this issue.Why did we only see Zimbabweans demonstrating? We are not the only ones with problems, but why are they the only ones protesting in such a way. They were sent by the West to do this. It’s a shame, it’s a great shame,” says Mugabe.

President Mugabe did not react to the calls by Botswana’s President Ian Khama to step down in the face of an economic crisis.

But in a statement, the Minister of Information said Zimbabwe was shocked by Khama’s criticism.

In an interview with Reuters, the Botswana president said that at 92, President Mugabe no longer has the capability to steer Zimbabwe out the economic decline.


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