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We shall not Tolerate Poor Performance, Kagame Cautions Leaders to get Serious

During his official visit to the residents of Gakenke, President Paul Kagame said to them that his government will no longer entertain leaders that don’t push quickly the government plans and projects that should be running at a high speed but because they are reluctant, we are not performing better.

Gakenke residents were so exited to host the president. Dances were also done

“I don’t know why it takes them a very long time to put forward things we had planned to do or promised, can I say it’s because of lack of seriousness or they behave ‘I don’t care? So, let me assure my country that I am going to make a follow up on every person concerned and I promise we shall have positive results.” Kagame said.

He made these remarks when he was on citizen’s outreach programme earlier in the day where he was challenged that the people of the same area Gakeke, still face the problem of poor roads, electricity and improved health facilities, something the president said it’s because of unserious leaders in the area.

The president also warned that there will not be any miss management of government resources but said every money the government puts forward should benefit all people of the country and also improves the still poor areas in as far development is concerned.

The head of state reminded the leaders that it is their full responsibility to deliver on the set targets and questioned the character of those who believe that someone else will do the work for them.

Kagame also put forward his questions to the local government representatives as to why the Gatonde health centre that was pledged in 1999, up to now has never been worked upon and also talked about why the agricultural seeds are still a problem that continues to be raised in the community.

“Others are thinking of tarmac roads and here they don’t even have feeder roads. I cannot believe that the issue of seeds still is a problem yet we have built an agricultural research centre. Maybe the officials are sleeping instead of finding solutions to this? Kagame wondered.

“You should always play your role in ensuring that all kinds of developments are achieved as I also continue to pressurise the local leader to perform as expected.” Kagame told the residents.

He also promised the residents that he will continue to push for more development in the future so that people can underscored that although the road ahead remains long, what Rwanda has achieved to date is proof of abilities to do even more as they compare where they came from to date.

Gakenke residents in happy moods, waving to the president as he was also monitoring the works being done in the area.

“Gakenke district suffered serious insecurity between 1995 and early 2000. The area was infiltrated by rebels based in DRC who would cross into the district and other parts of Northern Province looting and killing.” He explained to the residents.

“However, the army restored security after a full military operation.” He added.

Kagame on the other hand, commended the residents for having worked together with government and security organs to restore peace and security in the district.

“Producing under capacity or slow delivery is not acceptable. We cannot be satisfied until we reach our full potential. Build on what you have achieved to do even more and faster. Achieving our goals is within our reach” he said.

By Robert Muriisa.

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