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Stolen Vehicle Recovered in Uganda, Handed Back to Owner: ACP Tony Kuramba

Rwanda National Police has handed over a vehicle to its rightful owner, after it was stolen in Rwanda and taken to Uganda, where it was recovered.

The vehicle RAV4 registration number RAC 003E, belonging to Sam Badege, the in charge of people with disabilities in Rwanda Civil Society Organisations, was stolen in the night of February 22 in Kigali, apparently by his driver.

Badege said that the alleged thief, dropped him somewhere in Kigali that evening, but never saw him again.

“I waited up to midnight for him to return and pick me in vain, his phone went off and he was nowhere to be seen. Even when we tried to ask relatives and friends, no one knew his whereabouts,” Badege narrated.

“We filed a case to police, but about four days later, I received a phone call from someone I don’t know informing me that my driver was involved in an accident in Uganda and requires help. I think this person who called me later realized that he had made a wrong phone call and he switched off his phone before giving us details,” he added.

Badege was then given a letter by Interpol Rwanda, which he took to Uganda Police Force and helped him in investigations.

“Uganda police was so helpful and friendly to me and the vehicle had been taken to Naguru Inspection of Vehicles, after it was towed from Kabalagala, where it had been abandoned after accident; a process followed to have it brought back to Rwanda but we also had to first compensate the owner of another vehicle he had knocked before escaping,” he said.

The vehicle was brought back on April 4.

“You can notice good working relations between Rwanda and Uganda police forces, which I am grateful for; when I reached in Uganda and gave them the letter I got from our police, I was well facilitated and I must say, this kind of cooperation brings hope that criminals can’t commit a crime in one country and hide in another.”

Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Tony Kuramba, commissioner for Interpol and Cooperation urged the public to always be quick to report so as to intervene and recover the stolen or missing items in time, and arrest the suspects.

“Over years, we have recovered vehicles, money stolen in other countries, and apprehended wanted criminals and deported back. But the partnership is two-way because they also help us and this is one of the many live examples of our good cooperation with other police forces,” ACP Kuramba said.

About 11 stolen vehicles have been recovered in Rwanda since last year and either returned to their rightful owners or authorities in the country of origin.

Most vehicles are intercepted at the entry points with the help of the Interpol communication tool I-24/7 – which connects all the 190 member countries to report wanted persons, stolen vehicles and missing or fake documents, among others.

By Robert Muriisa. RNP

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