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Southern Province Local Leaders Challenged on Crime Prevention

The Governor of Southern Province, Alphonse Munyetwari reminded local leaders who attended a security meeting their roles responsibilities.

The governor told the local leaders of Gisagara district that, “you cannot achieve anything if you operating in an insecure environment that’s why security should be a priority in everything you do.”

“In ensuring security you should know all details about people in your village and those visiting, also ensure you know their purpose of vising…. Besides that, you need to work closely with the security organs in your areas, said the Governor

The Southern Province Regional Police Commander Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Francis Nkwaya who attended the meeting told Gisagara District Local leader to prioritise community policing and urged then to always encourage citizens to be part of crime prevention initiatives.

The local leaders meeting was held on April 28, and attended by over 550 local leaders including opinion leaders, village chiefs, cell coordinator and 18 Executive Secretaries from all the sectors that make Gisagara District.

Besides rallying for crime prevention, in his address to the local leaders, ACP Nkwaya told them that they should take part in ensuring all children are in their homes and not on the streets.

“You need to ensure that no children live on the streets or any other place that is unfit for habitation. You should also commit to fighting child labor or any other vice that undermines the rights of a child,” said the RPC.

He also urged them to report to police anyone who violated or abuses a child in any way.

One of the local leaders, Thomas Uwubumwe said, “This meeting has placed us on top of issues we are going to deal with and how to go about them. There is no doubt we will always put security first and work closely with security organs by sharing critical information to deter. Prevent or detect crime.”

By Robert Muriisa, RNP.

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