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Rwanda wants to Destabilize Burundi with the M23, DRC Congo

From Kinshasa, in an interview with IRIN (Integrated Regional Information Networks), in the week of Monday, May 2, 2016 to Friday, May 6, 2016, Mr. Lambert Mende Omalanga, spokesman of the Government of the DRC Congo, informed the international community of recruitment by Rwanda, Negative Force M23, to attack Burundi.

Lambert Mende Omalanga, spokesman of the Government of the DRC Congo.

DRC Congo accuses Rwanda of having paid former M23 fighters (Negative Force), in exile in Rwanda and Uganda, to strengthen the Burundian opposition to overthrow the government in Bujumbura. Mr. Lambert Mende Omalanga explains:

"We want these people [the former M23 rebels] return home. There are some bad elements from Rwanda who recruit them to fight in Burundi. We stopped some of them in North Kivu (eastern Congo), and we will continue. "

Since April 2015, the project to overthrow the State of Burundi at the hands of Burundians (or Revolution Color) by Hima regionally coalition, supported by the US, France, Belgium, and Rwanda is in the process of taking other proportions.

M23 rebels.

Since last year 2015, the National Intelligence Service in Burundi SNR knew the Bujumbura grenade launchers (terrorist acts) and targeted assassinations were initiated (formed) by the Rwandan intelligence services associated with the M23 militia.

Now, thanks to the excellent cooperation with the DRC Congo, Burundi evidence of another state intelligence services to strengthen his claims.

Burundian justice decided to closely monitor the funding (large sums of money) all-out in recent days as international awards from foundations, members of Burundian civil society exiled today, which coming and going in Rwanda.

This is for the Burundian justice, to check whether this money would help finance the rebellion against Hima Burundians Burundi.

Burundi and DRC Congo regret having a neighbouring state, Rwanda - that is engaged in peace destabilizing ambitions and security in the Great Lakes region.

The M23 rebel fighters walk down the hills to move to another position in DR Congo. Photo published at 12:01AM, November 28 2012

The security agencies of the African Union, SADC, ICGLR and the East African Community will be informed shortly officially, that the aggression of Rwanda towards its neighbouring states continues.

By Robert Muriisa.

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