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Rwanda: Police Recovers Stolen Motorcycle, Returned to Ugandan Owner

A Ugandan-registered motorcycle that was stolen in Kabale District, Uganda in January this year was yesterday handed over to its rightful owners in an event held at Rwanda National Police (RNP).

The recovered motorcycle belonging to a Ugandan.

The Yamaha motorcycle, plate number UDX339Z belonging to International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA) was stolen on the night of January 16 at a residence in Kabale District. The organization reported a missing motorcycle to the Ugandan police, the following day.

In an interview with Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Tony Kuramba, commissioner for Interpol and Cooperation said that the motorcycle was intercepted on the night of March 27 in Ngarama Sector of Gatsibo District by traffic police.

After thorough investigations police realized that the motorcycle had entered the country, through an ungazetted crossing-point.

“When officers stopped the motorcycle, the person riding it ran away leaving the motorcycle behind. Officer impounded it after realizing that it had Ugandan specifications and we immediately embarked on liaising with Interpol-Uganda which indeed had a file of the missing motorcycle; that’s how we collaboratively managed to reach out to the owning organisation and returning the motorcycle,” said ACP Kuramba.

He went on to applaud regional cooperation saying that it’s the drive behind keeping the region safe.

“No country can achieve utmost security when it operates in isolation, this is why we embark on regional cooperation particularly with police forces working closely and in partnership with each other,” he said.

The commissioner also urged the public to always be quick to report their stolen or missing items to police so as to intervene and recover them in time.

He added that; “Over the years, we have recovered several items stolen from different countries and returned, we have three other motorcycles impounded in Gicumbi District that we will soon return to Uganda. We have managed to achieve this because people reported to the police that’s why we urge Rwandans and regional citizens to always report their missing items so that we can work with other police forces in tracing them.”

Achola John and Anthony Ruzidana who received the motorcycle on behalf of the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA) thanked Rwanda National Police for having recovered it.

“To see a motorcycle recovered after being stolen from one country and taken to another, is overwhelmingly a big success, we are so grateful and thankful to the government of Rwanda and the police for its efforts in recovering and repatriating it,” said Ochola.

His colleague, Ruzindana also an employee of IITA, said; “when our boss told us about the theft, I told him that if the thieves attempt to take the motorcycle to Rwanda, they would be caught and indeed this is what happened; I believe in the systems of this country and that’s why we are grateful.”

Besides the returned motorcycle and the three others in Gicumbi, Police has, since last year, recovered 11 stolen vehicles and returned them to their rightful owners or authorities in the country of origin.

Most vehicles and motorcycles are intercepted at the entry points with the help of the Interpol communication tool – I-24/7 – which connects all the 190 member countries to report wanted persons, stolen vehicles and missing or fake documents, among others.

By Robert Muriisa, RNP.

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