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Police Warns the Public against Fake Currency, Suspect Arrested

Police is holding a suspect who has been arrested in Ngoma District trying to circulate fake money.

Police informs the public to immediately report whoever possesses fake money before it’s over circulated.

The suspect identified as Jean Claude Nzisengera was arrested on May 1, in Kibungo Sector in possession of 42 fake notes including 23 in Rwf5, 000 denomination and 19 of Rwf2, 000.

According to the Eastern Region Police spokesperson, Inspector of Police (IP) Emmanuel Kayigi, the suspect was arrested after he was reported by a mobile money agent, where he was attempting to deposit the fake money on his mobile account.

“The Agent detected that the money was fake and immediately notified the police, officers arrived shortly and arrested Nzisengera before he left the scene. He is currently held at Kibungo Police Station as investigations continue,” said IP Kayigi.

He thanked the agent for the vigilance and notifying the police in the quickest time possible.

The spokesperson called upon the business community to be vigilant not to fall prey of such scams, which has an impact on the economy.

Though crimes related to currency counterfeit are rare, he warned of serious repercussion to anyone caught in this act.

“Rwandans shouldn’t be victims of such fraudsters and should always provide police with information on such individuals…Counterfeits devalues the francs which directly affects the economy. In most cases, victims also lose their money through such scams and this also affects their business," he added.

He further advised the business community including shop attendants and mobile Money agents, the most targeted, to always be vigilant and verify the bills at all times to prevent falling prey.

The arrest of Nzisengera came after that of Damien Uwitonze on April 28 in Coko Sector of Gakenke District, after he was found with fake currency notes amounting to Rwf203, 000.

Under article 601 of the penal code any person who fraudulently counterfeits, falsifies or alters coins, which are legal tender in Rwanda or abroad, bills issued by the State and bearing its stamp or emblem, banknotes, authorized notes or any other related effects used in Rwanda or abroad, or any person who introduces or issues on the Rwandan territory bills or notes which are legal tender with knowledge that they are counterfeit or altered, shall be liable to a term of imprisonment of between five and seven years.

By Robert Muriisa, RNP.

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