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Police Locks a Man Involved in Drug Trafficking, Caught by a Motorcyclist and a Ticket Vender

Emile Itangishaka, a resident of Gatore Sector in Kirehe District could have unlawfully succeeded once or twice to traffic for illegally selling narcotic drugs, but yesterday was his unlucky day – yet good – when a motorcyclist and a ticket vendor of a one local travel agency worked out a plan, apprehended and handed him over to the police station with his exhibit.

At about 6 am on March 23, Emmanuel Nsengiyumva, a taxi-moto operator in Kirehe, while on his early morning daily business along Kirehe-Ngoma highway in search of passengers, saw Itangishaka coming from the bush carrying a bag.

“When I saw the man coming from the bush with a bag, I became suspicious; with instincts that he could be having cannabis in the bag and was headed to a bus station to board a vehicle, I called I friend of mine who issues tickets and described to him the man in question so as to help me identify what he’s actually carrying,” said Nsengiyumva.

“He [Itangishaka] boarded an omnibus taxi that was headed to the bus station in Cyunuzi, but when arrived there shortly and asked the friend I had called, he told me that he had not seen him. We asked the driver and conductor of the taxi he had boarded but they told us that they kicked him out along the way after realizing that he was carrying cannabis,” he added.

Together with his contact friend identified as Steven Murokozi, they rode back along the highway in search of the suspect but they couldn’t find him.

When Nsengiyumva and Murokozi failed to locate the suspect, they decided to return back to the bus station only to find Itangishaka seated in a public bus that was heading to Kigali.

“We called him out of the car, like I thought, when we checked his luggage we found it was loaded with cannabis,” he narrated.

Nsengiyumva and Murokozi then took a decision and transported him to Kirehe Police station with his illegal luggage, where a case of drug trafficking was filed.
Police said the suspect was trafficking 12kgs of cannabis.

“Every day, police and local leaders tell us of the issue of drug trafficking and consumption, and in some cases motorcyclists and drivers are blamed for aiding this crime, which is partly true. It is time for us to erase that bad image,” said Nsengiyumva.

According to Murokozi, “transporters can play a significant part to break the chain of drug traffickers if they step up vigilance.”

“These people sometimes utilize the negligence of some transporters to use their means to traffic their illegal substances from one place to another. We need to be vigilant, be careful about the people and luggage we transport and that way we will be supporting security organs to give wrongdoers no room for their illegal doings,” said Murokozi.

Inspector of Police (IP) Emmanuel Kayigi, Police spokesperson for the Eastern region, commended them for acting “responsibly”, an act he said, others should emulate to effectively fight and prevent drug abuse in the country.

By Robert Muriisa.

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