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Police Alerts General Public against Fire Outbreaks

The general public is required to take precautions against any likely fire outbreak sometimes caused by carelessness and electricity connectivity installed by unprofessional or lay practitioners.

The call follows the Wednesday fire incident in Kimisagara Sector in Nyarugenge District where a residential house in Kamuhoza Cell caught fire, apparently caused by short circuit.

Preliminary investigations indicate that the house’s electric wiring was installed by a lay professional.

At least interiors including chairs and electronics including television set, amplifier and a decoder were destroyed by the fire before residents intervened and controlled it with the improvised sand, soil and water.

The central region Police Spokesperson, Supt. Richard Iyaremye, who commended the residents for quick response to put out the fire, warned owners of houses against putting their lives and those of others in danger through such malpractices.

“In most cases, fire outbreaks are caused by short circuit resulting from old or substandard installations and overloaded gadgets, which is preventable by using standard prescribed electrical equipment, always checking such installations and switching off all electronics, whenever you are away,” said Supt. Iyaremye.

“People should prioritize preventive measures rather than dealing with consequences of fire outbreaks; this requires following proper standards, installing houses with firefighting gadgets like fire extinguishers and service them every after six months,” he said.

“It’s also important to call police immediately for quick response and to improvise with fire fight materials and equipment like sand, water or soil to put it out as you wait for the fire brigade arrival, but people shouldn’t put their lives in danger when the fire is beyond their control.”

He pointed out that, abiding by these measures will keep the public safe but whenever there is a fire outbreak always call the police on toll free numbers 112, 111, or 0788311120, 0788311224, 0788311657 and 0788311335 for immediate intervention.

SP Iyaremye reminded the public that RNP has the ability, the equipment and the skills to react to fire outbreaks in a timely manner.

Police has a fully fledged Fire and Rescue Brigade, with standby firefighters and trucks in all provinces ready for any intervention whenever a fire is reported.

By Robert Muriisa.

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