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Nyaruguru Residents Urged to Report Drug Dealers, Police

Over 300 residents of Ngeru Cell, Minini Sector in Nyaruguru District were urged to play a significant role in preventing and reporting drug dealers and abusers in their area.

The call was made by the District Community Liaison Officer Inspector of Police (IP) Stanislas Rutayisire, on April 9.

IP Rutayisire reminded them that the more they share information about suspected drug dealers, abusers and other wrongdoers the easier it will be for security organs to combat the vice and further ensure public safety.

“Your collaboration with police has proved that we can collectively stop not only drugs but also other crimes; all that’s required is sharing information with police in the quickest time possible,” said IP Rutayisire‎.

He also reacted on a case of one resident, Olivier Muhirwa, a suspected drug dealer still at large following the recent discovery of two trees of cannabis in the backyard at his residence recently.

The uprooted cannabis plants were also showed to the residents to know how it looks like and asked them to report to police any time they come across such plantations.

Besides, he enlightened them on effects of drugs saying that narcotics have the ability to destroy not only someone’s health but also his entire family.

“Drugs not only affect people’s lives but also, most criminals are usually drug addicts."

“Drugs have social effects; they can cause individuals to isolate themselves, which can lead to depression. They can negatively affect the relationships that individuals have with their families.

Drug abuse can also cause individuals to become aggressive, making it difficult for them to keep up with the family which is why cases of domestic violence are commonly related to drug abuse.”

“The effects of drug abuse are quite serious, and that is why we encourage you to report anyone selling or abusing drugs to the police,” he said.

He concluded by reminding them to participate effectively in commemoration events and collectively fight against Genocide ideology.

By Robert Muriisa.

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