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Nyabihu‎ CPCs are doing a Great Work in Crime Prevention, Police

Following intensified sensitization campaign, Nyabihu District is now reaping big from Community Policing Committees (CPCs) who are taking a lead in crime prevention.

Just last week, members of CPCs in Nyabihu intercepted two men who were apparently trying to purchase livestock using counterfeit currencies before handing them to police.

The two suspects are identified as Noel Hakizimana and Theoneste Bahizi; currently detained at Jomba police station.

Narrating the circumstances that led to the arrest of the two suspects, the District Police Commander Superintendent of Police (SP) Alexis Fata said Hakizimana and Bahizi were purchasing livestock from a market when one, Vestine Uzabumuhanga, the would-be victim, had brought her goats for sale.

“The two expressed interest in buying Uzabumuhanga’s goats and they paid her Rwf40, 000. Shortly after, Uzabumuhanga realized that some notes she received amounting to Rwf19, 000 were fake," Supt. Fata said.

She immediately informed members of CPCs, who also rushed and intercepted the two men before leaving with the goats, and handed them over to police,” he added

He went on to appreciate the role of both CPCs and residents in crime prevention, derived from the continued police campaigns that rally residents and local leader to be part of crime prevention.

He, however, warned anyone with intentions of violating the law.
“Today, residents know their rights; they can detect and report a crime and through this way we have been able to identify and arrest wrongdoers, and seize illegal items."

He went on to ask residents to always report any suspected criminal to security agencies in the quickest time possible.

Article 604 of the penal code states that “any person, who counterfeits, uses or circulates, by any means, items misrepresented as money or negotiable instruments shall be liable to a term of imprisonment of two to five years and a fine of two to ten times the value of the counterfeit money”

Article 601 of the penal code stipulates that, “Any person who fraudulently counterfeits, falsifies or alters coins, which are legal tender in Rwanda or abroad, bills issued by the State and bearing its stamp or emblem, banknotes, authorized notes or any other related effects used in Rwanda or abroad, or any person who introduces or issues on the Rwandan territory bills or notes which are legal tender with knowledge that they are counterfeit or altered, shall be liable to a term of imprisonment of more than 5 years to 7 years.”

By Robert Muriisa via RNP.

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