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Mukankomeje Granted Bail but on Tight Conditions

The High Court yesterday granted Dr Rose Mukankomeje a conditional bail, the Director General of Rwanda Environmental Management Authority (REMA), due to the fact that there was no any indication that she would jeopardize investigations in her case.

Dr Rose Mukankomeje and her lawyer Tharcisse Udahemuka during the court session before she was granted bail yesterday.

Pronouncing the ruling, Charles Kaliwabo, the High Court president, said prosecution already has the key component of the evidence against Mukankomeje, hence overruling the decision by the lower court remanding her.

However, The judge in awarding her bail, set some conditions that include reporting to the prosecutor every Friday for three months, surrender of all her travel documents to prosecution, no travels outside the City of Kigali without permission from prosecution, keeping her usual phone-line active and to not change her known domicile.

According to the judge, Failure to observe the above conditions would see her bail terminated.

Reading out submissions from all contesting parties, the judge, who concurred with the prosecution’s reports; concluded differently, saying the court saw no serious reasons to indicate the accused might escape or tamper with evidence.

Mukankomeje last week appealed against Nyarugenge Intermediate Court’s decision to remand her, saying prosecution’s submissions lacked empirical evidence and that her second charge which was about tarnishing the image of the country was misinterpreted.

The REMA chief is charged with breach of professional secrecy, destruction of evidence and tarnishing the image of government as a leader.

She was arrested on March 20 in connection with a corruption case involving former Rutsiro District leaders after she was accused of tipping them about an ongoing investigation by the office of the Ombudsman.

By Robert Muriisa.

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