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Man Dies over Adultery Practices, Police Arrested Suspect

Rwanda National Police has warned the public against “self administered justice” adding that it is a crime itself.

Even the bible says it clearly.

Police in Kamonyi District is holding a man for allegedly assaulting another man, resulting into death.

Richard Nkurunzinza, a resident of Nyamiyaga sector, on April 8, assaulted one Eric Ndahimana to death after a scuffle that ensured resulting from the former accusing the latter of having an affair with his wife.

Nkurunzinza immediately fled the scene of crime but was later that day arrested at Cyanika border trying to flee the country.

He is currently held at Runda police station. Police said Nkurunzinza will be charged with homicide.

Under article 145 of the penal code, “any person who kills another person by inflicting degrading acts or after committing another felony against him or her shall be liable to life imprisonment with special provisions.”

Meanwhile, shortly after the incident, police and local leaders engaged residents of Nyamiyaga in crime prevention, assault, adultery and effects of self-justice.

“Adultery itself is a crime but there are clear legal ways to address that and to penalize those involved. But going beyond that to assault the person in retaliation also becomes a crime,” Inspector of Police (IP) Athanase Niyonagira, the District Community Liaison Officer (DCLO) of Kamonyi, told the residents.

Adultery, under article 244, it defined as “sexual intercourse of a legally married person with another person other than his or her spouse.”

In article 245, adultery is punishable with a prison sentence of between six months and one year.

He also warned them not to take the law in their hands and urged them to always refer any misunderstandings to security organs and local authorities for arbitration.

“When you take law in your hands, you end up also committing crimes like assault or murder. You should always report injustices you face to concerned institutions like police, mediators of courts of law, who will ensure that justice is served, instead of taking the matter in your own hands,” IP Niyonagira added.

The Executive Secretary of Nyamiyaga, Fleurette Umwali Gasasira echoed the same message and urged them to desist from any acts that constitute a crime.

By Robert Muriisa.

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