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Cleaner under Police Custody for Stealing Rwf1.5 Million from SACCO

A cleaner at Cyanika Savings and Credit Cooperative (SACCO) branch in Nyamagabe District has been arrested in connection with stealing Rwf1.5 million from the branch counters.

Jane Nyirabizeyimana, 27, was arrested on April 4 after it emerged that the money was missing from the safe.

Nyirabizeyimana, who has since admitted taking the money from the safe in the branch manager’s office, told investigators that he was approached by her male friends earlier on the day of her arrest, who suggested her a lucrative idea.

“They approached me earlier that day and convinced me that they had supernatural powers to give wealth; they told me they can even multiply currencies, so they interested me to bring Rwf1.5 million so that they double it for me,” Nyirabizeyimana argued.

“Because I had the key to the manager’s office, I went there, picked the money with hope that I would return it after using it to make my portion,” she added.

She added that after handing over the money to the men, she went back to do her casual work but never saw them again.

Nyirabizeyimana and the ‘supernatural-turned fraudsters’ go to the same church, where their alleged friendship started, she said.

She identified one of the alleged fraudsters as only Evaliste.

The acting Police spokesperson for the Southern region, Inspector of Police (IP) Eulade Gakwaya warned people against aiding criminality.

“How can you fall prey of people claiming that they can make you rich when they are poor,” IP Gakwaya wondered.

“People should learn that these are some of the tricks fraudsters employ to achieve their criminal goals, and should instead report such individuals to police rather than doing any business with them.” he added.

If her claim becomes real then the SACCO management would have its share for blame because a cleaner had no reason to access the safe keys.

Meanwhile, police is investigating the likely involvement of the employees at the SACCO branch, owing to the fact that the cleaner had both keys to the safe room and the safe itself, where she picked the money.

“Investigations are still underway to see if either the manager or other employees are not involved, and to apprehend the group of fraudsters claims to have duped her,” said Gakwaya.

By Robert Muriisa, RNP.

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