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World’s first "Footballpool" league kicks off in the Czech Republic

If you love football but would prefer to see it played in a shopping mall then it should come as welcome news that the world’s first "Footballpool" league has kicked off in the Czech Republic.

As the name suggests, Footballpool is a hybrid of football and pool which sees two teams of two players attempt to pot different coloured footballs using only their feet on an oversized pool table.

Capitalising on a surge in popularity after the World Championships were staged in Prague back in February, the Czech Footballpool League is now underway.

Former Czech futsal international Jiri Novotny is one of the people responsible for the formation of the league after first stumbling across the game on the internet.

"I saw a video on YouTube where two Americans played the game in a garden, drinking beer and doing a barbecue," the wiry 28-year-old futsal defender told AFP.

"So we designed the table, set up a Footballpool Association and started calling it a sport. This is really a game for anyone — at the tournaments we have organised, we had children, pensioners, women, men."

According to the AFP, the Footballpool Association have set up 15 playgrounds across the Czech Republic and are hoping to install another 20 by the end of May.

Mutoni Jolie

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